"Lost Myrtle Beach" is all about Myrtle Beach's fascinating history. The city didn't exist before 1900, but residents lived a few centuries' worth of excitement!

Chapters include:

~ How Myrtle Beach had a horse racing track that defied state gambling laws - all the way to the Supreme Court!

~ The Ocean Forest Hotel was a magnificent castle by the sea that was demolished to make way for ugly 1970s condos.

~ The Myrtle Beach Pavilion, and how its closure saddened and disgusted generations of fans who considered it to be the heart and soul of the town.

~ The erasure of history at an alarming rate, because Myrtle Beach doesn't have any (as in ZERO) historic preservation ordinances.

"A Culinary History of Myrtle Beach & the Grand Strand" dips into several centuries of delicious foods, from Native Americans and Colonists to soldiers, farmers and slaves.

Chapters include:

~ The origins of Pilau and Chicken Bog.

~ How peanuts changed from being considered livestock feed to one of the most desired treats in the country.

~ The evolution of seafood and grits from humble fare to fine dining.

~ George Washington's 1791 southern road trip, and what he ate.

~ The wonderful and dangerous quirkiness of Pine Sap Sweet Potatoes.

​~ Oyster roasts!

"Wicked Myrtle Beach & the Grand Strand" explores many facets of history that range from tragic and terrifying to funny and perhaps slightly shocking.

Chapters include:

~ Local bordellos, including Georgetown's infamous Sunset Lodge.

~ A 3-year period when the Ku Klux Klan tried to infiltrate local politics and churches, instill fear and make a ton of money.

~ Two families' horrific 1923 tragedy at a swing bridge.

~ Bootlegging, gambling, thieves, revenge and murder.

~ The Disco Era. It was wild in Myrtle Beach!

~ And the lighter side, titled "Slightly Wicked or Perhaps Just Funny."